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Once, yokai and humans lived together peacefully. However, over time, humans began to fear the yokai's power and began to hunt them. This caused the yokai to start hiding what they really were in order to survive. They had no place to go, so they disguised themselves as humans and lived among them. But it almost always ended the same way. The humans would eventually find out and band together to brutally slaughter the so called, "monsters."
Until, finally, one of the yokai grew tired of it all. She decided that if the other yokai had no place to go to get away from the human's brutality, then she would create a place. And in this place, they would be safe. So, after many years, she did. And this place was called Karamori.
However, Karamori isn't perfect. The barrier she had made to protect them from humans is slowly slipping away, allowing more and more humans to enter. Some are good, while others are the reason she had built Karamori in the first place. There's also the fact thay sone demons don't agree with her ways and want to destroy everything or take it all for themselves. Will the yokai and humans learn to live in peace, or will Karamori be over run and destroyed when the barrier crashes?

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Nov 6, 2012


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Role Play

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The point system is used to level up your character. Every character (Other than Admins/Masters) start out at Lvl. 1. Masters/Admins will be Lvl.20, and will stay at level 20, which is the highest level. No character may be higher than lvl.20. A character will level up every 100 points.
The higher a level your character gets, the more abilities they will have and the stronger they'll get.
So, please do not give your character and abilities that are too strong for their level! For example, a level 1 character can't be able to heal all of their wounds in just a few seconds! Minor ones like scratches or something, yes. But they can't regenerate a missing limb, that's too powerful.

:bulletred: Ways to earn points
Submit drawings/artwork/literature

*Line art/Sketches: 10 Points
*Colored Pictures w/o Background: 20 Points
*Backgrounds: 15 Points
* Colored Pictures with background: 35 Points
*Comics(not colored): 5 points every panel
*Comics(colored): 10 points every panel
*Written: 2 points every other word
*Animation: 50 points
*Completed Meme: 25 points
*Blank Meme: 15 Points
*Event: 60 points

Keep track of your points and level on your character app sheet!
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